Rental costs

Shootings: 3.800,00€ + 21% VAT

Photo: 2.500,00€ + 21% VAT

Cinema: 1.800,00€ + 21% VAT

Included services

Hall access 12h (rental costs are per occupied day, including set up or pre-light day), coordinator, hall’s light consumption (non extra installed power), 3 wi-fi users. The rental cost is per day, not for location, so you can shoot in several locations for the same price. If locations are separated, there will be a cost for additional security staff.

Optional services

Electrical installation & power (although most of our clients prefer to bring their own generator – which needs to be certified and the clients needs to carry the certification at all times), maintenance (80€ + 21% VAT/h), cleaning (25€ + 21% VAT/h), rigging, blackout, catering (guests are allowed to hire their own), attrezzo, extra access hours (50€ + 21% VAT/h), additional security (guests are allowed to hire their own), digital branding…

Booking and Contract

Required information in order to sign the contract:

· Tax information
· Full name and position of the signer
· Insurance policy copy (minimum coverage 300.000,00€)

In order to confirm the booking, the following documents are required 24h in advance

· Contract signed and stamped (all pages)
· Health & Safety Receipt signed and stamped
· Bank transfer copy (100% rental costs)


For further information, check availability or arrange a site inspection, please feel free to contact us:
+34 93 233 20 27
Av. de la Reina Mª Cristina, s/n 08004
Barcelona (Spain)